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WIP Sansa Stark in 1830s fashion by blackparademajorette
WIP Sansa Stark in 1830s fashion
Or, alternatively, shading is a bitch.

I don't know what it is about 1830s fashion that reminds me of Sansa. Something about the conical skirts, the fichus, gigot sleeves, and those spaniel curls just screams idealistic ingenue.
And I Wont Let Anyone Hurt You by blackparademajorette
And I Wont Let Anyone Hurt You
The edited-by-Gimp version of this piece: <da:thumb id="480964510">

I liked how Karkat turned out in the first version, but I thought Kanaya needed some work, so Karkat is minimally edited, and Kanaya extensively so.  I wanted there to be a stark difference between them.  If you've ever dealt with depression then you understand that when your self-confidence plummets, so might the effort you put into maintaining yourself.  I tried to make it look like he was less affected by light and shadow than Kanaya because it just doesn't matter to him.

what I did for Karkat:
fixed his eyebrow
darkened his sweater
brightened his horn a little and gave it a little reflected light
fixed his eyes

What I did for Kanaya
brightened her dress
defined the sleeves
smoothed out her skin
smoothed out her hair
defined the part in her hair
made her dress/sash/shoe shimmery
brightened he shoe
fixed her eyes
fixed her eye shadow
gave her dark circles around her eyes
colored her sash red
brightened her horns and made them look super shiny

those last two actually have to do with some headcanons of mine.  I always thought that Kanaya would make a point to wear bright red around Karkat so she could wipe his tears or bandage a wound without him worrying about the others finding out his blood color.  I also thought Kanaya would polish her horns daily as some shave their legs every day.

I was also trying to create a sense of motherliness.  Karkat's in the fetal position and Kanaya has a protective hand on his neck.
O, who can say where the Wolf Girl wanders,
If she is alive or if she is dead?
Is she alone, barefoot in the cold?
Does she have her daily bread?

O, who can say how the Wolf Girl howls
To the moon, in joy or sorrow?
Is she safe under the roof of friends?
Must she fight to see the morrow?

O, who can say if the Wolf Girl prays
For freedom or for love?
Does she still pray to the Gods
Who watch her from above?

O, who can say where the Wolf Girl wanders,
Or if she found her way North?
Has she escaped the hungry Lions
Who know to well her worth?

O, who can say where the Wolf Girl wanders,
The stars above, the snow beneath?
Is she as brave as a pup can be?
Did she trade her heart for more teeth?

I wish I knew where the Wolf Girl wandered
O, how I wish I knew
So I could hold her, and whisper to her,
"Wolf Girl, I love you."
Where the Wolf Girl Wanders
[**WAIT!** before you favorite this, give me a comment.  Favorites are appreciated, but they do not help me grow as an artist or a writer.  Thank you.]

I've started attempting to write poetry through Sansa's eyes.  It's mentioned once that she likes to write poetry, but it's never brought up again.  I want to write more poems through Sansa's POV, during her time as a hostage in Kings Landing, and then add annotations from Samwell Tarly, during his Maester training, maybe.  I don't know yet, though.

Anyway, this piece is dedicated to her worries about Arya.  Wondering where she is and hoping to the Gods she's safe.
Youre Not Worthless by blackparademajorette
Youre Not Worthless
Kanaya comforting and reassuring Karkat, because we all know this little fucker needs it.  Watercolors.


United States
im sera. hi. i plan on using this for all my fanart of my favorite pairings, movies, rock operas, books, and whatever else.

i take requests unless it's not in my skill level or not my cup of tea. my mom recently got a scanner so i might be able to get mor hand drawn peices on.

Current Residence: the better part of the ghetto, alaska
Favourite genre of music: Punk, Grunge, Metal, Anti-Folk
Favourite cartoon character: Homer Simpson
Personal Quote: "to live and not to breathe, is to die in tragedy" ~~Green Day
I'm at the rollergirls' sleepover, watching Whip It, and I began to wonder, What would be Sam and Dean's skater names?

Then I come up with this situation for my wanderings.  Before Sam ran away to go to Stanford, he and Dean were trying to see if some girl on a roller derby league was really possessed/under supernatural influences.  Dean, being Dean, decides their best bet is not by getting to know her personally, but by watching her practice in her fishnets and short shorts.

So they'd pose as newbie freshmeat refs. One of the team captains would ask them what their names were, so she could add them to the roster.  Dean would start to give their actual names, but the rollergirl would interrupt him to say "No, your skater names."

Dean would be thinking of something cute and clever on the spot, and say "I'm Green-Eyed Monster, and my baby brother here is the Virgin Scary."

Sam would look at him all offended and try to think of something better, but end up just smiling through it, and say, "Yeah, I'm the Virgin Scary."

And, while walking away to put their gear on, Sam would say "This is a bad idea, Dean."

But Dean would say, "They're girls. In fishnets. Beating the crap out of each other.  For once in your life, stop being so gloomy."

And Sam would say back, "Dean, I'm under eighteen and neither of us can roller skate."

Dean would hit him playfully and say, "C'mon, Sammy, quit being a buzzkill!"

Moments later, Dean would be curled up in the fetal position, holding ice packs on his leg, mumbling, "Everything hurts." with Sam crouching over him, saying, "I told you so."

And I want a crossover between Supernatural and The Devil's Carnival more than anything.  because, well, this… and…

I'm only on season three. I would say no spoilers, but tumblr and tv tropes beat you to it.  oh and, I have a tumblr now.  My handle is mademoiselleseraph and my blog is called "Plain and yet Absolutely Sensational"  so follow me, or don't, i won't think any less of you.
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